Thursday, March 12, 2020

Connecting with my boys

Here's a remember-when from four years ago when times were a little simpler. (Today, both of my boys are in college, but both have been told they are not allowed to stay on campus because of the coronavirus pandemic.)

⚾Today, I inserted myself into a game of catch with my 16 and 14-year-old sons. One of them said, "Mom, you should join a softball team." I was flattered, but aside from that, being right out there next to them noticing how easy they threw to me and how amazingly fast and skilled they are when throwing to/catching each other was really something else.

(I got my glove about a decade ago when they started tee-ball. It has a big split between the first and second fingers extending into the palm. Most of my experience with baseball is from this past decade as I only played one season of softball during Jr. High and didn't get a lot of playtime, which is why I moved on to other sports in high school.)

Playing catch with my boys wasn't really about baseball, though. It was a good opportunity to see into their world for a little while. It was better than car time because lately car time = driving instruction, fiddling with the radio, or SnapChatting.

I remember a friend told me a long time ago that one day the boys would come home, go straight the their rooms, and shut their doors. That time has I'll take whatever chance I can to connect. Two and three years from now and they'll be preparing to go to college!

(And I still remember them as they were when they first played tee ball on the Townsend Astros!) 💚💚💚

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