Saturday, March 14, 2015

Where does the time go, part 5,475

Well, here it is, just past noon and I’ve already polished off the half-pint of milk I bought last night at McDonald’s (because the supermarket was closed – believe me, I would have much rather spent $2.89 for a gallon of milk than $1.26 for the little plastic carton) after my husband and I went out to dinner. I was enjoying an enormous mug of coffee with that German chocolate cake that we really didn’t need but split anyway and I remembered we were out of milk and what was I going to do without it for my morning coffee!?

And because I had left work late yesterday afternoon to shuttle boys around to basketball semi-finals and chess club, not only had I not had time to go to the supermarket, but also, I was not done with my work week. This is what I had planned to do when I sat down at my computer nearly four hours ago, but what did I do instead? I wrote some cards, paid a couple of bills, tried to figure out how my 8th grader is supposed to choose his freshman classes for next fall, considered (briefly) starting my taxes, cruised around LinkedIn, wrote and pitched a column, and referred an associate to a client for a ghostwriting gig – something I myself would liked to have done but had the sense to realize that I do not have the bandwidth to undertake the project management and planning part of it.

Now that I have cleared the decks, I guess I’ll tackle that spreadsheet, so I don’t have to think about it again during the weekend. How freeing that will be, as is the concept that I have to take five days off before the end of this month (use or lose) and won’t it be fantastic to have extra time to take care of all my writing and personal administration – such as camp registrations (and taxes) and writing.

Monday, March 2, 2015

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But no one will see it

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